Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hannah Montana Is Shipped out!

Today I got to finish my Big Give outfit. I really liked the way this outfit came out, and so does Sara Beth...she wants one for herself! I serged most of the outfit...just not the pants. The top was CarlaC's Stripwork Jumper and the pants were her Easy Fit Pants. Both patterns can be purchased at http://www.youcanmakethis.com/ Her patterns are wonderful! I made the pants in an hour!

I did my first semi applique. Really, it was just a square, but I did it! I think I may actually try a picture one day! HeatherSue wrote an awesome tutorial that I will be using....you can find it here: http://drop.io/sxgazi4/asset/applique-tutorial-by-heather-sue

I have also made some money on ebay selling some scrapbook stuff so I now have some money to buy material. Hopefully, this week I can get down to Mary Jo's and get some great fabric!