Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And the Winner is......

I finished my errands, and after fighting with my daughter's laptop for a bit (she takes after my mom and manages to find every virus in the world and gets it on her computer), I was able to sit down and generate a number for a winner! I used for a random number from 1-20(the number of blog comments). And I got ........13!

And that makes the winner..... Aid Castillo Misigoy!! Congratulations! And thank you to all you participated. I am hoping to do another give-a-way after the holidays.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Preparing for our Next Trip...and a give-a-way!

This month, my boutique group, Main Street Boutiques, had a Movie Night launch and I offered up 2 dresses to be auctioned off. The first was a beautiful Christmas dress made with a brand new pattern called the Lauren. I love this new pattern! It has so many possibilities...puffy sleeves, no sleeves, long sleeves, 3 different necklines, 2 types of aprons...It is awesome! The Christmas dress I actually made for my daughter for our upcoming trip this December, but offered to do a custom made one.

The Christmas tree is hand appliqued with several machine appliqued mickey ornaments and some mickey button ornaments! The bodice is the new Lauren, but the skirt is actually the Grace by the same pattern designer.

The back of the bodice has several rows of elastic for a better fit. I added length for a bigger bow, because I love long tails!  Two rows of ruffles on the back and a large bottom ruffle.

The second dress I auctioned off was an Aristocats dress. I found the perfect fabric for the dress and had to go with the Lauren pattern again. This time I used only the Lauren for the whole dress. The skirt has an apron with an applique of Marie on it. The bodice has the Aristocats logo on it.

  I have made several new shirts this month as I have been testing designs for froufroubyheathersue. She does great designs and I love her new line of Christmas characters.

Christmas Ariel!

Christmas Daisy
Christmas Minnie
Christmas Tink
My daughter has a new crush this month and it is Luigi from Super Mario. For her 9th birthday she wanted a Super Mario theme and she helped design this dress for her party. I think she will get plenty of use out of it!

Now, you have read this far and you deserve a reward! I am doing a give-a-way this month. I will make, for one lucky fan, 1 lounge set for a child from size 1-14!  Included is a pair of easy fit flannel pj pants and an appliqued top. I have several fabrics to choose from including Perry the Platypus, Tiana and Tinkerbell..along with some winter themed designs! The lounge set will be custom made to the winner's measurements and will be mailed within 5 weeks. 

How to enter!!! 
1. Like my facebook page: Sara Ashley Boutique
2. Share my Facebook page
3. Share my Blog
4. Leave a comment below. Be sure to include who you hope to have the free pj's made for!
5. On October 24th I will use the Random Generator to choose a number to decide the winner.

Thank you and Good Luck!!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Sewing Rushes by!

 This summer I decided to try out a design on a tech shirt. I am running the Princess Half Marathon in February at WDW and wanted a shirt to show I was training for it. I found a design someone posted on facebook and had a great friend digitized it for me and VOILA! Instant cute training shirt! I decided to do my first one on the back so when people are passing me (yes, slow runner here), they can read it!

New Princess Running shirt!

Close up of design.
Well, after posting a pic for my shirt on a running page on facebook, I got a ton of requests to make them! I have made at least 25 of them so far and am still going strong! I have also made them on different colors as the local supply of pink shirts slowly got depleted! Here it is on black! I like this one!

On a black shirt!

 I then got a request for a set of them for a bachelorette party! These came out so cute and I love the pics I got to see of them from the DL princess half!

Princes C2C Bachelorette Party!
  A special one for the bride to be! Hers had her future name on the back of the shirt!
Princess C2C Bacherlorette party bride shirt!

In between all the craziness I made myself a bag! I found this pattern on the internet here Great Bag Pattern. It has 2 zippers but were really easy to do (and I hate zippers!) I am planning on making a Disney version and a special version for DD.
 In August I went to NC to meet a bunch of friends that sew. Some I had never met IRL before but have known for years through the Disboards and facebook. I had a fantastic time! During the meet we exchanged AG doll outfits. This is the one I made for the swap! It is a doll version of the Feliz, but much easier and less time consuming!
Also in August I participated in a launch on facebook. I made 2 outfits for the launch. This first one I actually sold 3 of! It is one of my favorite dresses so far. There are 6 princesses on the dress and each princess has her fabric displayed before her!

My other launch outfit is this great Star Wars set! It is a swing top that is closed in the back, and a  patchwork twirl skirt! This one didn't sell yet and is still for sale! 
I am working on a new running shirt design and some new ideas! Come visit me on my facebook page at Sara Ashley Boutique! I will be having a give-a-way coming up and details will be posted here and on facebook!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

And I sew some more!

Recently, Sara Ashley Boutique participate in a great launch with other boutiques on facebook!  It was a ton of fun and there were some great outfits sold! 

I wanted to make something I have never made before.  A few months ago, I scored some great Haunted Mansion fabric on a destash board.  I had been hoarding it trying to decide what to do with it. Well, I finally decided to try a strip work dress using some great designs by Froufroubyheathersue! She has some of the best designs! 

This dress has 9 appliques!  That's right!  9! It features all 3 hitchhiking ghosts, the widow, some flying ghosts and the HM sign! And some great fabrics! 

 I had some Rapunzel fabric left over from our Disney trip and I found this cute purple fabric that reminded me of the lanterns from the movie.  So I threw together this cute insa skirt with an appliqued top.  I love those princess cameos!

And of course it had to have ruffles on the back!

Another great fabric find!  I found this on clearance and have been hoarding it since.  It is the prettiest princess fabric I have ever seen! I love the flowers all over it! This is the precious dress and had great puffy sleeves and a bow on the back! It is a size 4 (it is a little short on my 8 year old.)

Great bow on the back!

Currently I am working on another Haunted Mansion set, then I am off to work on a new Star Wars set!  I love the new Star Wars fabric that Joanns is now carrying.  I bought almost a whole bolt of it!

New Outfits!

We recently took a trip to Disney and of course my princess needed some new customs too! Even though she is 8, she still loves all things frilly and girly!  I love that I can sew for my little one still! 

First, we had to repurpose a dress I made years ago.  It became too small, so 2 years ago I redid the bodice to a larger size.  This year, I decided to just make the bottom of the dress into a skirt and add a top.  I think this skirt still has plenty of life left in it!  It has over 100 squares of fabric and 26 of the squares have embroidered characters on it!  

Next up we needed something with lots of ruffles, the color blue and Cinderella!  I love the Feliz, even though it takes a ton of fabric and time to complete. My princess decided to go with Minnie as Cinderella and Mickey as the prince.  I love this Sisboom fabric and had to use it with the dress!  She got sooo many compliments on this dress at the parks. And she even managed to keep the front clean!

 Check out all those ruffles! 8 rows of ruffles!  2 different Sisboom fabrics! And a lot of work!

Now, you may know that Phineas and Ferb are appearing at Hollywood Studios now.  WEll, we are big fans of the show!  We watch it together!  You can even catch me and dh watching it when the kids are in bed!  So, I had to make a Phin and Ferb outfit and I found another great Sisboom fabric online that I loved! This is an insa skirt and it features 6 of the characters from the show. (Doof and Candace are not pictured here)

Rapunzel is now my dd's second favorite princess so we needed another princess dress. This dress features Rapunzel, Pascal, Flynn, Maximus and the tower!  And we love how Pascal is in his special dress from the opening song! Rapunzel LOVED this dress at the park!  

Back of dress!  

We love Epcot and I found these cute children from around the world appliques.  Added some Micheal Miller fabric and it was perfect!  We had complete strangers come up to us in the park and take pictures! It was a little odd!

For the first time ever, we visited Universal Studios.  We only went because we are all Harry Potter fans. I got REALLY lucky and found some HP fabric!  And I love this cute appliques of Harry, Ron and Hermoine! 

We had a really great trip even if the princess got Strep Throat halfway through.  A midnight trip to the urgent care and she was feeling soo much better by the next afternoon.  Antibiotics really do work wonders!