Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Outfits!

We recently took a trip to Disney and of course my princess needed some new customs too! Even though she is 8, she still loves all things frilly and girly!  I love that I can sew for my little one still! 

First, we had to repurpose a dress I made years ago.  It became too small, so 2 years ago I redid the bodice to a larger size.  This year, I decided to just make the bottom of the dress into a skirt and add a top.  I think this skirt still has plenty of life left in it!  It has over 100 squares of fabric and 26 of the squares have embroidered characters on it!  

Next up we needed something with lots of ruffles, the color blue and Cinderella!  I love the Feliz, even though it takes a ton of fabric and time to complete. My princess decided to go with Minnie as Cinderella and Mickey as the prince.  I love this Sisboom fabric and had to use it with the dress!  She got sooo many compliments on this dress at the parks. And she even managed to keep the front clean!

 Check out all those ruffles! 8 rows of ruffles!  2 different Sisboom fabrics! And a lot of work!

Now, you may know that Phineas and Ferb are appearing at Hollywood Studios now.  WEll, we are big fans of the show!  We watch it together!  You can even catch me and dh watching it when the kids are in bed!  So, I had to make a Phin and Ferb outfit and I found another great Sisboom fabric online that I loved! This is an insa skirt and it features 6 of the characters from the show. (Doof and Candace are not pictured here)

Rapunzel is now my dd's second favorite princess so we needed another princess dress. This dress features Rapunzel, Pascal, Flynn, Maximus and the tower!  And we love how Pascal is in his special dress from the opening song! Rapunzel LOVED this dress at the park!  

Back of dress!  

We love Epcot and I found these cute children from around the world appliques.  Added some Micheal Miller fabric and it was perfect!  We had complete strangers come up to us in the park and take pictures! It was a little odd!

For the first time ever, we visited Universal Studios.  We only went because we are all Harry Potter fans. I got REALLY lucky and found some HP fabric!  And I love this cute appliques of Harry, Ron and Hermoine! 

We had a really great trip even if the princess got Strep Throat halfway through.  A midnight trip to the urgent care and she was feeling soo much better by the next afternoon.  Antibiotics really do work wonders! 

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  1. Do you have a Tutorial for the Phineas and Ferb dress.. or possibly selling one? Trying so hard to find girly clothes in "phineas and ferb"