Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bags, Towels and Dolls!

As Christmas time approached this year, I kept adding items to my to-do list!  It never seemed to get any smaller..  I think next year I will start my Christmas to-do list a few months earlier! Some last minute gifts include this bag set for my sister in law. This is another Rosetta bag.  I love this pattern. It goes together so easily!  I also make her a matching tissue case and a cell phone case.

My daughter bought some towels for her grandma (my mother-in-law) and I told her I would monogram them for her.  We found this awesome font that matches her bathroom and I did the towels in her first initial.  She loved them!  I can't wait till our next visit to see them hanging up.

After I made the girls their pjs, I decided I needed a pair!  I have worn these every night since Christmas eve!  They are my favorite pj's now!

Finally, dd really wanted some new clothes for her AG dolls.  I refuse to pay the outlandish prices for them that AG wants, so I whipped these up on Dec. 22!  Nothing like cutting it close! Matching pjs for Kirsten.

A reversible A-line for Kanani!  I finally cut into my beautiful Jennifer Paganelli fabric!
 Other side of A-line.

A cowgirl outfit for Kanani.  She got a horse for Christmas!

A princess outfit for Kirsten!
 And a Christmas outfit for Natalie!  The skirts are reversible!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Gifts and Customer Requests!

Christmas is getting close now and I have stopped taking custom orders, but I did tackle some last minute stockings for a friend.  She has one for herself that her grandmother made her when she was a baby and wanted ones made for her dd and dh.  She wanted the same style, but different fabrics.  I whipped these up one evening and I may have to remake ones for my family!  I did quilt them first and then embroidered the names.

As I was playing on the computer last week I came to the conclusion that I wanted to make some simple gifts for the other teachers I work with.  I needed some that I could whip up quickly!  I posted my dilemma to my friends and took the first response....pocket tissue holders!  So, I embroidered initials on some scaps and made these for the other 3 teachers and the director.  I may have to make some for family now!  And I will be offering them in my etsy store starting mid-February!

The other strange looking item is really neat!  It is a cell-phone charging station!  You plug your cell phone charger into the wall through the hole and it will hang there.  Then you put the phone in the pocket!  Keeps your phone off the counters and floors!  Great for traveling or for people like me who plug their phone in the kitchen where the counters are always a mess! I made these for my assistant and the other assistant who is also a close friend!

Another cell phone charger station.  I will also be offering these in my etsy store starting mid-February!

My next project were these cute camera/cell phone cases!  I love how they sew up and they are the perfect size.  I made these for my assistant and my friend.  My friend was able to fit her smaller cell phone and camera in the bag at the same time!  I can fit my android in it nicely too!  Look for these in my Etsy store soon!

I LOVE Christmas.  The decorations, the presents, the food, and just being with family during such a wonderful and blessed time of the year.  So, when my assistant commented to me that she didn't have a Christmas shirt I knew I had to make her one!  This came out so cute!

Finally I have some gifts for some very special little ones.  Last year I had the pleasure of teaching the cutest twin boys that I have come to love.  Their family is very sweet and I feel I became close with them.  They are moving back north and I was saddened to know I won't see them anymore.  Mom had to drive up by herself with 2 four year old boys, an 8 year old girl and a dog!  So, I made this cute colored pencil tote for the girl ( the boys each got one at the end of the preschool year last year.)

I also made these great I-SPy bags.  Inside the bag is a bunch of little items like buttons, coins, etc. There is also a card attached to the handle(not pictured) to show what they need to find.  I made 2 for them to share and hopefully it will give mom a little peace on the long trek back home! I also plan on offering these in my etsy store come springtime!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmastime is in the Air!

I have accomplished a lot in the past few weeks.  Still have much to do before Christmas gets here, but I took today off to relax and will get busy tomorrow!  Here are a few things I have worked on this past month.

A Disney Christmas Dress.  This is a new pattern that a friend designed!  It is called the Grace ruffle dress and I LOVE it! You can get the pattern here: http://youcanmakethis.com/products/featured-products/grace-ruffle-dress.htm  It has so many options to it!  This was my first attempt at it.  I made this to sell, but dd fell in love with it.  It is a little small on her, but because it has elastic in the back, and lots of ties it still worked.  It will make a great resell next year!

 DD loves blue!  So I made her this cute top to go with a snowflake skirt I made her.  I still have another top I want to make her to also go with the skirt, but time is moving too fast!
 My second Grace Ruffle Dress.  I made this for a little girl whose brother is taking his family on his Make a Wish trip to Disney.  It is a size 18 months and I had so much fun making such a tiny size!

 My little pony set.  Made these pants years ago and finally got around to making the top!  Of course, the bottoms don't fit dd now!
 Another cute pant set.  DD wore this to Disneyland in 2010, but the pants had cut out letters glued on.  I picked them off and added this LM cutie.
 A set of pjs for a customer (and dear friend).  Made a whole set of matching pjs her mommy, daddy and little one. She is a disney fanatic like me, as is her dh, so I know they will love these!
 Another customer project.  Clothes to fit a 12 inch doll. Easy fit pants are my favorite to whip up as they take no time at all!  Also a Preppy skirt and a simply sweet dress.
 Hello Kitty skirt for my older dd.  She didn't want me to take a pic of her as she was ready for bed! But I love how the skirt came out.
 Tops for my family!  Hoping to get our family picture done this weekend in these.  I wonder if I can convince them all to wear these on Christmas Eve at my In-laws?  Maybe one year we will be at Disney for Christmas and we can wear these!
 Pajamas for the girls.  EVery year they get new pjs on Christmas eve.  Usually they match, but as one is almost 17, I figured I would make them similar with their own personal preferences.  So, dd8 got monkeys, and dd 17(almost) got owls!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Been doing so much sewing lately I haven't been able to keep up!  I have even launched my Facebook page for selling!  I am hoping to have a give away once I reach 100 likes!  So, come on over and like me!

My daughter recently turned 8 and for her birthday she went to American Girl store.  So, I had to make her a dress, and matching ones for her dolls!  Here are the ones that Kirsten and Natalie wore!  Too see the one I made for Sara Beth, head over to Facebook!

 With Thanksgiving coming up I have been working on lots of turkey shirts and skirts!  This cute set can be made custom for your little princess!  The shirt is $20 and the skirt is $20, but if you want the set it is $35!

Here are some more cute turkey shirts!  The turkey face ones are too cute!  I have made several of these in the past couple of days and they are awesome!  

I have even monogrammed a blanket for a customer!  I really like the font I found for this pretty blanket!

With Christmas fast approaching, I have begun working on Christmas dresses!  I just love this one!  The blue Disney Christmas material is so pretty, and the applique matches the fabric! This is a Feliz and I love all the fabric you can use in this pattern.

And since we know girls love ruffles!  Lots of ruffles on the back!

Some more shirts I have made.  Halloween shirt for me.  I like to test out new designs on shirts for myself.  Then I can wear them to work at the preschool I teach at!

A cute customer order!  This tractor is so neat, and I love the different looks it can have depending on the  fabrics and colors you choose!

A sneak peak on an outfit I am working on!  Hoping to get it done this weekend so I can list it!  

Monday, August 15, 2011

More Bags!

After making my first Rosetta bag and getting lots of compliments on it when I went out I thought to make a few to sell!  I made 2 I plan on selling and one that will be donated to a little girls Make-A-Wish trip to Disney.  She loves pink and zebra so I think it will be perfect!

My first bag is Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I love this bag.  It is a smaller size as I didn't have much material left after making a dress!

 Three pockets on one side of the bag

Here is the bag I made for a little girl.  It is the medium size bag.  She loves pink and zebra!  And it has plenty of pockets all around the inside.  She loves to draw so I made two thin pockets to hold pencils or pens!

The last bag for now.  I need to add a fabric flower to the front.  I don't love the green in it so I think the flower will help.  It only has one set of packets on the inside. I plan to place this one and the caterpillar one on etsy soon.  Just trying to get a few more done before I list them.

I have lots of other sewing projects going on, but I can't share until the recipients receive them this coming weekend!  So, stay tuned to lots of cute items!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Girls Gotta have Bags!

This past few weeks I have been working on various projects.  Many involving some type of bag or organizer.  I love bags and have a few I made but none of them had pockets.  This drove me nuts when my phone would ring, or when I tried to find my keys in the parking lot!  So, after much debating I finally purchased the Rosetta bag pattern by CarlaC and sisboom on www.youcanmakethis.com. It comes in three sizes. I made the middle one which is the perfect size for a pocketbook! Can I say I am in love!

I found some great clearance fabric at Walmart to test it out.  That way if I didn't love it I wasn't out much. WEll, I love it!  And have been using it ever since! Here it is !

 I added a bunch of pockets!  One side has 3 pretty big pockets, the other side has 4 smaller ones.  Plenty of room for phone, keys, small tape measurement, pens, etc!

I felt like it was missing something.  I found this cute flower at Walmart and I think it added just what I needed!

Another project I worked on this month was a coupon organizer!  This was designed by a friend of mine who is a great seamstress!  The pattern is found here: Coupon Organizer

So, being the disney woman I am, I had to use some Tink material!  It even has a way to attach it to the buggy at the store!
 The inside!  It was my first go at it and I messed up a little on the tabs.  Next time I am going to use manilla folders and cut them in half.  I saw a friend do that on his and I really liked the way it turned out!