Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Vidas and a Precious dress!

Finally got something finished for our trip and was able to convince Sara Beth to take some pictures. First is her Alice in Wonderland dress. I used the Precious dress from CarlaC for the dress itself and I made my own pattern for the apron. The bow is from CarlaC too...a freebie on Youcanmakethis.com. She will wear this for the 1900 Park Fare Breakfast.

The princess vida was a test run as it was the first time I used this pattern. A fellow disser made a tutorial that I followed and made this one of the easiest dress patterns I have ever used! Of course, it came out so cute I felt it could be used as a Disney Dress. The other day Sara Beth informs me that 5 year olds are too old for princesses. WHAT! She is only 5. Maybe it is because the next Vida I made was a Hanna Montana dress and she is in love with her! So here are her new Vidas!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Long Time Gone

I have been so busy, I haven't had much time to post anything. I have completed a skort, a pair of shorts, an outfit and 2 dresses! Now to get them photographed and posted! I have one photographed already. this dress was from a Simplicity pattern. The material is from Joanns. I love the material because it was sparkly. In fact, I just ordered more of the stripe material for a dress I am working on!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Colonial Willamsburg Dress

I was hoping to get a good picture of Sara Beth in this dress, but we were so busy! I finished the whole dress only days before we left...you know I hate zippers! But, alas, it got done and she looked adorable in it. I didn't get the hat done so we bought one in one of the little stores there!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hannah Montana Is Shipped out!

Today I got to finish my Big Give outfit. I really liked the way this outfit came out, and so does Sara Beth...she wants one for herself! I serged most of the outfit...just not the pants. The top was CarlaC's Stripwork Jumper and the pants were her Easy Fit Pants. Both patterns can be purchased at http://www.youcanmakethis.com/ Her patterns are wonderful! I made the pants in an hour!

I did my first semi applique. Really, it was just a square, but I did it! I think I may actually try a picture one day! HeatherSue wrote an awesome tutorial that I will be using....you can find it here: http://drop.io/sxgazi4/asset/applique-tutorial-by-heather-sue

I have also made some money on ebay selling some scrapbook stuff so I now have some money to buy material. Hopefully, this week I can get down to Mary Jo's and get some great fabric!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dress almost Done!

So, I worked a lot yesterday and getting some sewing done. I am about 8o% done with the Colonial dress. I still need to add some lace to the hem on the skirt and do the zipper...I hate zippers! But, it is really looking cute!

I have finally started on the Feliz, but only got the sashes sewn...they are even sewn into the dress yet. I was going to start the facing and really want to serge it, so it will have to wait!

My Big Give outfit is coming along. The strips on the skirt are serged and I have started the bodice. I plan to get the bodice done tomorrow along with attaching the skirt to the bodice, then I need to go to moms to serge it done! Then on to the pants for the outfit! Only 7 more days to get it done.

AND THE BEST NEWS IS....I am getting a serger for my birthday! YES! The brother 1034D! I am super excited and am looking forward to doing lots of sewing!

Finally, I have listed some toys and scrapbooking supplies on ebay to fund my fabric addiction. Really, I need fabric to make the girls summer clothing! Right?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3 projects at once...should I add another?

I am now working on three different outfits! I have a Hannah Montana stripwork top in the works for the big give. I am about halfway done with the top. Once done, I will make some pants to go with it. The girl I am making this for doesn't like ruffles..thank goodness...so the top should be done quickly. this is what it looks like so far. It is really just a bunch of strips sewn together that will look like a top soon enough.

Another project I am working on is a dress for Sara Beth for our trip to Colonial Williamsburg. I thought it would be cute for her to be dresses in the time period. I heard you can rent an outfit there...but why do that when I can make one. So I have the bodice done...

The last project is a Feliz dress. I have it all cut out and it is just waiting for me to sew it together. I found a great sew along at Trillium that I plan to use. All my projects are on a stand still because I need to serge some seams and I need moms house for that!

I want to start a cute stripwork jumper for Sara Beth but I am not sure I should start yet another project until one is done! And on top of all this, I may be getting a serger for my birthday! Yah me!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Starting Out

I thought I would start a blog showcasing all my sewing acheivements. Eventually, I would like to start my own boutique line of clothing....one day! Sara Ashley is a combination of both of my daughter's first names.

I started sewing when we decided to take our first trip to Disney as a family in 2005. Mostly, I choose material and cut it and my mom did the sewing. Here is the Cindy dress she made.

Our next trip in 2006, I decided we needed more outfits for Disney. This time I cut material and helped sew some of the outfits. By our 4th trip in 2008 I made all of Sara Beth's outfits and a few for Ashley, too! I now make most of my younger daughters outfits instead of buying them. I really enjoy sewing and hope to keep improving!
Here is one I made for the last trip. It is a patchwork twirl jumper. Mom did the embroidery on her machine and I did lots and lots of cutting and sewing. Sara Beth loves this dress!