Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Gifts and Customer Requests!

Christmas is getting close now and I have stopped taking custom orders, but I did tackle some last minute stockings for a friend.  She has one for herself that her grandmother made her when she was a baby and wanted ones made for her dd and dh.  She wanted the same style, but different fabrics.  I whipped these up one evening and I may have to remake ones for my family!  I did quilt them first and then embroidered the names.

As I was playing on the computer last week I came to the conclusion that I wanted to make some simple gifts for the other teachers I work with.  I needed some that I could whip up quickly!  I posted my dilemma to my friends and took the first response....pocket tissue holders!  So, I embroidered initials on some scaps and made these for the other 3 teachers and the director.  I may have to make some for family now!  And I will be offering them in my etsy store starting mid-February!

The other strange looking item is really neat!  It is a cell-phone charging station!  You plug your cell phone charger into the wall through the hole and it will hang there.  Then you put the phone in the pocket!  Keeps your phone off the counters and floors!  Great for traveling or for people like me who plug their phone in the kitchen where the counters are always a mess! I made these for my assistant and the other assistant who is also a close friend!

Another cell phone charger station.  I will also be offering these in my etsy store starting mid-February!

My next project were these cute camera/cell phone cases!  I love how they sew up and they are the perfect size.  I made these for my assistant and my friend.  My friend was able to fit her smaller cell phone and camera in the bag at the same time!  I can fit my android in it nicely too!  Look for these in my Etsy store soon!

I LOVE Christmas.  The decorations, the presents, the food, and just being with family during such a wonderful and blessed time of the year.  So, when my assistant commented to me that she didn't have a Christmas shirt I knew I had to make her one!  This came out so cute!

Finally I have some gifts for some very special little ones.  Last year I had the pleasure of teaching the cutest twin boys that I have come to love.  Their family is very sweet and I feel I became close with them.  They are moving back north and I was saddened to know I won't see them anymore.  Mom had to drive up by herself with 2 four year old boys, an 8 year old girl and a dog!  So, I made this cute colored pencil tote for the girl ( the boys each got one at the end of the preschool year last year.)

I also made these great I-SPy bags.  Inside the bag is a bunch of little items like buttons, coins, etc. There is also a card attached to the handle(not pictured) to show what they need to find.  I made 2 for them to share and hopefully it will give mom a little peace on the long trek back home! I also plan on offering these in my etsy store come springtime!

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