Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bags, Towels and Dolls!

As Christmas time approached this year, I kept adding items to my to-do list!  It never seemed to get any smaller..  I think next year I will start my Christmas to-do list a few months earlier! Some last minute gifts include this bag set for my sister in law. This is another Rosetta bag.  I love this pattern. It goes together so easily!  I also make her a matching tissue case and a cell phone case.

My daughter bought some towels for her grandma (my mother-in-law) and I told her I would monogram them for her.  We found this awesome font that matches her bathroom and I did the towels in her first initial.  She loved them!  I can't wait till our next visit to see them hanging up.

After I made the girls their pjs, I decided I needed a pair!  I have worn these every night since Christmas eve!  They are my favorite pj's now!

Finally, dd really wanted some new clothes for her AG dolls.  I refuse to pay the outlandish prices for them that AG wants, so I whipped these up on Dec. 22!  Nothing like cutting it close! Matching pjs for Kirsten.

A reversible A-line for Kanani!  I finally cut into my beautiful Jennifer Paganelli fabric!
 Other side of A-line.

A cowgirl outfit for Kanani.  She got a horse for Christmas!

A princess outfit for Kirsten!
 And a Christmas outfit for Natalie!  The skirts are reversible!