Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gifts for my Preschoolers!

SO, as the school year drew to a close I started thinking about what to get the littles in my preschool class. I really don't have money to go out and buy a bunch of junk that will probably end up in the trash, or end up broken. I got to thinking about the crayon roll up I made for Sara Beth when she was younger and thought I could make something similar. What I really wanted to make were crayon totes. A small bag that could hold a coloring book and a place for all the crayons on the outside. I searched the internet for some ideas and using a combination of many instructions I found I finally settled on an idea. I decided to make them 10x12, that way they would fit books and drawing pads. I made enough pockets for 12 crayons, but only included 8 with the bags.

I already had most of the fabric, but had to pick up a little since I had more boys in the class and most of my fabric is princess fabric! So here they are!

This is came out a little bigger because the front side is pillow fabric.

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