Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Very Hungry Caterpillar!

I know I updated once today, but I am playing catch-up here and want to be prepared to add the new items I am working on as I finish them! 

I bought some Very Hungry Caterpillar material a few years back to make Sara Beth a dress.  I had plenty of ideas, but no concrete plans on how or when I was going to use it.  I was so excited to have it, I didn't want to mess up with it!  In April, I used some of it to make a flannel board set for my class..they loved it!  But now, I had used the only large butterfly, caterpillar and leaf I had!  Oh well!  

So, after using up some of the material I finally had the need to make a dress.  The pattern is a frankenpattern....in other words, it is a mixture of different patterns.  The base of it is CarlaC simply sweet..I love the pattern.  I used a simplicity pattern for the apron and knot straps.  I then used my own ideas of making the strip on the bottom.  All in all, I just love it!  So much so, I don't want Sara Beth wearing it too much and getting it dirty!  I do plan on selling it next year as a gently worn dress.  It would be perfect for a 5 or 6 year old to wear to school during Eric Carle week!

Here she is on our little garden.  She was worried that the bees would get her!  Silly girl!

So we switched to the front of the house....yeah, no bees here!

Checking out the swirl!

Next up, coupon organizer and Rosetta Bags!

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