Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catch up!

Seems like I try to stay on top of things in the summer, then the school year comes and I never have time to update! I am going to try to make a schedule for myself to keep up with this year. Sort of a school year resolution!

Here are some projects I completed last fall. I started a job as a preschool teacher assistant, and was promoted to Teacher after half a year. I am looking forward to working with 3 year olds again this coming year!

I made a few shirts for myself for work. I really need something that was comfortable, but also nice enough to wear to work. This first one was a Butterick pattern. I didn't love the pattern itself, but I loved the way the top came out.
This is a CarlaC pattern, the Shana Tunic. I loved how easy it went together. And I love this great fall fabric I had found at Hobby Lobby.

Another Shana tunic! Once you do one, you will want to do more! This is a great top for preschool! Hello Kitty Halloween fabric. The kids loved it! And again, very comfy and pretty!
Ashley wanted a top too. The pattern is simplicity, and it wasn't bad, it was the fabric that threw me! It was all crinkly and very hard to cut to a pattern. However, it came out great and she loved it!
Another Shana tunic! This one was for my MIL for Christmas. Fabric is from Hobby Lobby.
A portrait peasant from CarlaC! This is one of her original patterns. Very versatile. Made a quick dress/nightgown for Sara beth. Her AG dolls even got matchy ones...perhaps one day I will find the picture of them!
I found this great cradle at Goodwill for $3! I recovered it and made a pillow and a blanket. Sara Beth's AG dolls sleep well in their new bed! Only room for 2, so hopefully she doesn't get any ideas about needing another one!
Well, this is all for now. Next installment will be an update on Disney outfits from our trip in Jan/Feb 2011.

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